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I think in my rationalisation of my many online identities I may have sent the wrong message. I definitely am not seeking to cut contact off with anyone, only to unify things a bit more.
The story is that all of my online activities got a bit out of hand. I ended up with profiles and accounts on almost every messaging service and site known to man. In the same way I’m told that elderly people listen to late night talkback radio.. I would amuse, distract, reassure and avoid myself by talking endlessly to endless numbers of people online. Some of these people (Andrea, the writer of the previous entry in my journal is a case in point) have become important friends of mine, it certainly was not all fatuous communication of little moment – in fact I probably set up a little virtual community of my own using these means. I have met and engaged with and developed great friendships with people who are like me, who are substantial and fascinating in their own right.. and who hail from all over the world.
I’m not eschewing all my online contact with people in some radical moment of change.. but I have taken stock, and simplified my ‘online life’. I now have one email address, chris@chris.net.nz. I have one instant messaging login, MSN: chris@chris.net.nz. I have this website: http://www.chris.net.nz. And that’s it. More than enough for a man of the real world to be getting on with.
I’m not aiming to eliminate contact with people online, only to get it into perspective. So don’t feel abandoned if you’re reading this and don’t seem to ‘see me online’ anymore. I’m still here and I’m still loving you as always. I’m possibly just sitting quietly at home listening to music and reading a book or spending time with Tim or Bagley rather than tapping away at my keyboard. All good?

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