Southwark Bridges

A Southwark Rail Bridge

One of the things that Southwark Borough does the best of all the London Boroughs is provide vibrant and sometimes quite whimsical lighting in areas that would otherwise feel pretty grim in the winter. They are especially good at bridges – the borough is laced with inner city overland rail bridges and these days every time you pass under one of these steel and stone arches, there is invariably a bloom of coloured light to make you smile. I love the “Borough” area and feel really lucky to live and work in such close proximity to this urban vitality.

One thought on “Southwark Bridges

  1. Craig Brown says:

    You and my friend Gustav ( are the two people in my life that have made the most difficult and courageous choices–one leaving London and the other coming to London!–that have worked out the best of any people I’ve seen. I’ve probably told you that before. Actually, you are “One Shining Example.” Or vibrantly lit in this case 😉

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