London’s West End

I wander along here for one reason or another almost every day...

If I think about what brought me to London in the first place, this road seems to weave its way through the whole analysis. The street that I walked down when I visited here fleetingly, on two occasions, from New Zealand and that taught me what it could be like to feel ‘at home’ was this one.. and even now, though I tend to veer away from the gayest of the venues on this venerable road, it still embraces me in a way that hasn’t lost a bit of its thrill. I guess that’s why I tend to put it in my path, whether it’s on the way to the gym or pool after school or in the weekend for a coffee or meal with John or Ivan. Today it was cool and quiet and only the tops of the buildings were bathed in London’s sunlight (which always feels like evening light to a New Zealander). It’s that moment of each day where I get to feel in the majority – where the looks in the strangers on the road are ones of sparkling and mischievous recognition. I wonder, what moments are these for you?

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