Resolutions and Reflections

An Olympic Sized Resolution

People’s resolutions for the New Year seem invariably to revolve around exercise, their health, the gym and the like. I have some goals that I’m working towards on the physical front (the Challenge Half in Barcelona is still on the cards, and one day I’m going to deadlift twice my weight, I’m sure of it!), but I think it more important to focus on goals that provide some balance to the endless grind of achieve more, do more, reach more goals. I aim to have some really interesting holidays in 2012. I want to travel Europe by train with Ivan and see what we might find.

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One thought on “Resolutions and Reflections

  1. Megan says:

    Fantastic…enjoy life and be excited about the balance and may all the things you find be inspiring, interesting, and the warm the cockles of your heart. xxx

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