Porridge before a visit to Glasgow

What I have and love for breakfast every day

Since I’m on holiday I’ve been thinking “I might get up, go to a café and have a leisurely breakfast out”, only, every morning I wake up and my Scottish genetics kick in and my mind goes “Porridge”. Then I wake up a little bit more and my rational mind says “Of course you can go to the café and have a ‘Full English’, just have porridge before you go”. By this time, of course, my autonomic system has prepared the porridge and it’s boiling happily away on the stove. Now I’m eating my porridge (made with water, nothing added but milk) and am thus experiencing one of life’s purest joys. Maybe I’ll have a Full English tomorrow.

One thought on “Porridge before a visit to Glasgow

  1. Louisa Woods says:

    Sometimes I have porridge for dinner….

    Sometimes I grate apple into it and put brown sugar on top…


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