First Check Your Meniscus

It’s a New Year. 2007. (My flat is amongst the houses in the photo above) As Matthew Walker always does at this time, here’s my list of interesting occurrences to summarise the year:

    I ran sub-40 minute in a 10 km road race
    I saw my friend Julia safely into a marriage that was 14 years in the making
    I directed a full-length performance of “The Importance of Being Earnest”
    I sang solo in front of 600 school kids
    I drove to Dunedin and spent a night with a man in a hotel room
    I swam in Lake Hawea in winter with said man
    I took a 3 month cold-turkey break from communicating on the internet
    I fell in love with the place I live on 365 consecutive mornings
    I worked as a backstage volunteer for a music festival
    I wavered in my vegetarian resolve, but stood strong for another year
    I developed a taste for single malt whiskey
    I joined both a swimming squad and running group and loved every minute
    A man from Italy cooked me pasta in my own home, for which I have also developed a taste
    I trained for, but shamefully failed to make it to, a Half Ironman
    I spent New Years Eve alone

And I wouldn’t have any of it another way!

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