One Shining Moment

In my absolutely superb two week holiday break I’ve been doing a bit of reading. The local gay guys (of whom I believe there are 7) have, in a quite ordinary green Nike gym bag assembled what they call the “Library”. An eclectic collection of novels and non-fiction texts with a gay theme. Recently finding myself at the Annual General Meeting of the gays and lesbians in the area (actually the only time of the year I actually see most of these people) I was nominated to be the custodian of said ‘Library’. That makes me the local ‘librarian’ I guess. Some of the books I’ve read, and some I may never read, but between those two poles there is also a good number of books worth a look.
They all seem to be of a certain age though, and have a certain melancholy view of the life of a gay man. Somewhat like the tone associated with the Elves in J.R.R. Tolkein’s “The Lord Of The Rings”, the golden time is regarded as being over and there’s an overwhelming sense of ‘passing’.
I don’t think my life is passing, or that I’ve missed my time. On a day like today (you can check out the the photo galleries to see what I mean) I can only think that this is my moment in time. These are the days to love and capture and appreciate forever.
This is indeed a shining moment. I intend this day and this time to go on and on and on.Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

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