Clutch Fluid Everywhere.

It’s been a while, maybe I’ll work backwards.

I had dinner with my mum and Roy, her husband, in Dunedin tonight. Yum. I was meant to be going to see the Nomad (who I love) in Wanaka. I ran from my mum’s house in Waverley, via the Octagon to Dunedin’s main swimming pool (Moana) on Stuart Street, went for a swim and ran home again. I love that Dunedin’s so compact that something like that can be executed in under 2 hours. The pool was amazing. Dunedin people are friendly.

Today it was yet another 30+ degree day in Wanaka. I find it so hard to leave there, even for a short time. I always feel I’m missing out. It’s so great to feel like that about the place in which you live.

I went to a film in the Metro cinema and was priviledged enough to get to stay behind afterwards and check out the owner’s collection of old film projectors. Wonderful stuff. Go me for being recognised from my profile on!

Yesterday, after going to Les Mills and getting frustrated because the instructor seemed too unfit to speak.. or perhaps he had nothing to say.. I went with my mum to visit my grandmother. While we were there my beloved car emptied the contents of the clutch hydraulics onto the road. My stay in Dunedin was suddenly extended indefinitely.

Having a grand oldish car means my life is becoming full of unexpected stays.

I drove to Dunedin on Friday. Driving on the route I took feels like driving right through a Grahame Sydney painting. Prior to that I had a jaunt in Christchurch staying with Julia and seeing Paul and the kids which I enjoyed a lot more than I ever thought I could in Christchurch. Otherwise the whole time of my holidays has been used in Wanaka, reading, running, getting to grips with road cycling with the help of Nikki, learning to swim properly in the Wanaka pool with a crew of great swimmers… Life could continue like this forever.

I went to bed at 10:30am on New Year’s Eve. I know that sounds sad, but I wasn’t. I did make a couple of resolutions though. I decided to say ‘yes’ more often to people. Particularly when it comes to people asking to spend time with me.

Matthew and Julia Walker wrote a couple of wonderful retrospective reviews of their 2005. I’m going to attempt the same here. Their’s are so interesting, this is a bit intimidating, but perhaps the things we believe are banal are actually interesting to others..

In 2005, I:

Dated a guy I liked and ended it still really liking him
Met the Governor General
Updated weblog from a mobile phone at the top of the Crown Range
Drove to Macetown with friends dressed for a dinner party
Discovered I didn’t like someone I’d once spent a long time loving
Went camping in a major metropolitan city with 100 15 year olds
Achieved a grade 3 sprain in my ankle by running backwards on a school cross country
Discovered that I actually can get indian take-aways in my town
Had a man to stay in my house who I’d never previously met in the flesh
Sold a car called “Poppy” to a fencing contractor called “Boof”
Installed a car audio system into a car called “Heath”
Spent as much as I earned
Did not fly in an aircraft
Started actually riding my road bike
Started to kayak
Lived alone in a flat owned by a man about my age with a stunningly similar name
Ran the routeburn track
Tried Yoga and discovered it’s almost as deeply painful as meditation
Performed on stage wearing only gold bodypaint and a wallpaper skirt
Discovered my clothes got tight and thankfully rehabilitated my ankle in time to reverse the trend
Got asked out by a stranger and broke my ankle before I got to do it
Improvised a dance based on the Air New Zealand pre-flight safety routine
Got asked to be the a best man
Almost repaired the suspension of my car using the workshop manual
Accepted that I can’t see and bought spectacles
Became a Head of Department.
Lost an iPod

Now, for 2006!

One thought on “Clutch Fluid Everywhere.

  1. James_NZ says:

    How quickly a year can go by.
    For me this last year has been one of immense change.
    My year started with me being in love with the man of my dreams. Two weeks after The New Year it was all over and it was very messy. I got over it. It took a bit, but I did it. It always amazes me how we as humans can feel so hurt but we get over it and it makes us stronger people. It is harder when you are not out and you have to go through it almost alone, and I thank the wonderful man Chris for being such a great shoulder for me.
    I was then on the hunt for my first job. It took a term but I found it, and it was worth the wait! I got a job in a country school teaching 10 amazing 5 and 6 year olds. What more could I ask for. Well I made some new friends who have gone onto becoming some of my best friends its great.
    I have stopped smoking as many drugs as I used to. For me it had become a way of life, it is amazing that when your life gets some direction that your priorities change. And in this case for the better.
    I have had my first year of earning money. And as I was told would happen. I have not got any!

    I think I will list some of my high points and low points.

    Broke up with the love of my life.
    Relieved at school around Dunedin
    Got a full time job.
    Moved home! AHHHHHH
    Moved out of home!
    Shifted flats.
    Drank a lot of alcohol
    Met amazing people whose friendships I cherish.
    Shifted flats again.
    Started seeing a really nice Irish guy.
    Really nice Irish guy went home!
    Got to know a pretty special guy over the internet. Who makes me feel good about myself again.
    Was harassed by some parents of children in my class.
    Grew through their criticisms and have become a stronger person.
    My year concluded with a very quiet new year with a close friend.
    In a crazy twist the man that broke my heart has come back into my life. I am not sure if it will be long term but it is nice at the moment. So who knows?

    I look forward to the challenges that are ahead for me in the coming year.
    I have become unsettled in my life. I want to move on.
    This may be because of I am slowly coming out to the people that I love.
    I have appreciated the support that I have received from the people who care for me.
    Who knows what this year may bring for me!
    I hope it is as exciting as last year. Maybe with a little less drama!

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