"Fabulous" re-enters the vernacular

So, Tim and I went to see “Fifty Ways of Saying Fabulous” the other day. It was great to see so much that was recognisable in a film made locally. I liked being in Wanaka’s “Cinema Paradiso” with Tim and surrounded by parents and kids from school.
The film did affect me too. In fact one of the characters was so recognisable to me that I ended up spending most of the next day bawling my eyes out. It was a wonderfully cathartic experience. I even wrote a review!
Speaking of recognisable experiences, I’m also currently reading “Ghost Dance” by Douglas Wright and I’m loving the strange foreignness and at the same time the sense of connection I have with this very loved and extraordinarily talented New Zealand dancer. I love the way he described the experience of a Vipassana meditation retreat. I’ve done one of those too, and while I’m pretty convinced of the validity of the practice of meditation, I still haven’t got over the trauma of the experience enough to have been able to sit cross-legged since.
Spring has well and truly arrived in Wanaka and the town is experiencing one of its very transient ‘quiet’ periods that I love so much.
How is your life right now?

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