Two days later..

See, now there’s a bruise rising up my leg. Who’s going for the sympathy vote now? eh?

4 thoughts on “Two days later..

  1. Julia says:

    Good grief! That is just bad and wretched and so very wrong. Tell me you’re taking some kind of pain-killers right? I know how you feel about these things generally but you actually NEED them right now – your body will heal itself faster if it’s not suffering the additional stress of chronic unadulterated pain. Trust me. I assume you’ve been prescribed something good … maybe a morphine derivitive .. at least codeine right? … And you can buy Ibuprofen over the counter … and you know about drug families right? … you can safely take two drugs from different families and get the benefit of both without risking any kind of overdose situation … oh dear. Poor you. And Arnica! Do you have a whole bunch of arnica tablets? I could send you some maybe … I used to be a bit sceptical of arnica remedies but then they were recommended to me once by a Harley Street Dr no less and well, now I’m a believer. Sigh. How AWFUL for you. And I guess it’s going to be awful for months. Poor you. I’m really glad to know you’ve got lots of friends looking out for you. Wish I was there. xJ

  2. Christopher Waugh says:

    Well, um.. no, I haven’t taken any painkillers or anything, but the pain is getting much less and i’m able to put weight on my heel too! It’s been such an interesting experience really..

  3. deanboy says:

    yarg! that is pretty grisly for a foot. for a sunset, however, those colours are faboo. hope you’re on your way to a speedy recovery …. what did that to you anyway? or did i miss the story of you pirouetting around the living room?

  4. updoc says:

    Never underestimate the healing powers of arnica. I think if you applied arnica cream to a severed limb, within a week a new limb would grow back. I’m sure there is documented proof of this but conventional science is too afraid to disclose it. Arnica, combined with the healing magic of Raleighs Salvon Cream, is an irrepressible healing force. That said, with this puppy we’re talking at least three big tubs worth! There seems to be a provincial battle going on on your ankle. The red and black of Canterbury are colliding with the blue and gold of Otago like two colliding plates on some geological faultline. Who will prevail? The only difference is within this great seismic activity on your ankle, there is no apparent break. How this is possible beyond me but I trust that you are documenting this thoroughly as they will be writing medical journals on this for years to come.

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