I wrote an entry then didn’t post it

I did write an entry into this journal to follow the last one, but as it turns out, it was possibly not the sort of thing that I should be putting onto websites for anyone to read. So, under the advice of a friend, I took it off again.
The problem is that now I seem to have stopped being able to figure out what I should be putting on here. It all seems somehow redundant.
If you know me, then you know I get pretty introspective at the best of times and I had been using this as a bit of a way to get some of the things that spin around in my head out and into the wide open air. This was the problem though, apparently some of the things that spin around in my head shouldn’t actually be freed in this way.
If you want a copy of the entry.. it’s just a big vomit about the detail of my not-so-great High School experiences.. just ask.

One thought on “I wrote an entry then didn’t post it

  1. Matthew says:

    You see I just thought it was that watched kettle thing: the moment I subscribe to the RSS feed, the posts dry up (because you know: it’s all about me…).

    Weblogs are awkward. I have tried and failed over and over with getting the balance right on personal stuff. It’s all very well disregarding your own privacy but there’s very little you can say without trampling on the privacy of others. And if you are careful to respect the privacy of others, then people ask why you never mention them. And if you do talk only about yourself you appear to be boring, self-absorbed, maudlin, or depressed. And of course anything you dash off in a moment of moodiness sits there forever collecting comments and providing evidence of your mental discomposure. In my experience, whatever you write can get interpreted and misinterpreted immediately or in a year’s time, still with the same negative consequences.

    For me, I use a weblog as an outlet for writing and I’ve found it a good exercise too. I need something like that as words are important to me yet aren’t part of the rest of my life.

    I think a weblog is very much about taking your life and turning it into stories. If you can do that without adverse effects then great; if not then perhaps it’s not the thing to do. I think it’s true though that some (most) stories can’t be told.

    Maybe you should try a subscription mailing list?!

    Must go — my mother is bullying me to go to bed via instant messaging….

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