Slow movement

I like things to go slowly. If I let things go at their own natural pace, it turns out that slow is almost always the speed they go.
I’ve been thinking about adding more of the photos I have from before I started this website about 5 years ago. Most of them are physical, so I would have to scan them. But as time is passing, I’m wanting more and more to do this. This self-reflexive online exercise of mine lacks balance. So far I am only looking at the present, the immediate past, and the future.
Considering how much my more distant past (My experiences at High School and my long relationship with Stephen are examples) informs who I am and how I make my decisions today, I feel I need to provide a better representation of them on here.
It’s curiously emotionally difficult for me to do it though. It has taken me a slow long time to gather the courage. The courage not just to show you the carefully packaged and ‘refined’ me in the here and now, but also the raw, vulnerable, hopeful and often naiive me of days gone by.
Let’s see how it goes…

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