"You are Beautiful"

Anyone who has attended one of my aerobics classes will know that little phrase.

Tonight it got a good airing as Bagley and I stole once again over the Crown Range to the Big Smoke (Queenstown) to do one of those classes that we just can’t seem to quite shake our addiction to. I’m so unfamiliar with speaking (yelling/screaming/shouting/whooping) that I almost lost my voice after only 3 tracks. It was great. I do miss it. If only I could do it without all the commitment that it entails. Tim came too.. we three are almost a self-sustaining aerobics economy!

Our trips to Queenstown of a Wednesday night are a treat for me. We usually take Snowflake (Bagley’s car) because she’s much faster than Heath and she doesn’t take an entire supertanker of fuel to get there. What is said in the Snowflake stays in the Snowflake.. but I can say that we traverse an enormous amount of conversational territory in the trip there and back. And we laugh a lot.

[The physical territory we cross deserves a special mention here; Bagley, the Snowflake and I conduct this mobile conversation in front of one of the most spectacular backdrops in the world, The Crown Range, The Remarkables, The Kawerau and Shotover Rivers and Lake Wakatipu. This is our home, but we don’t take it for granted, ever… not even when our view is obscured by a camper van being driven by a very timid american tourist around an impossibly tight hairpin corner]

Bagley asked (jokingly, although I know she was actually deadly serious underneath) why she wasn’t featured in my galleries and it made me think about how the galleries aren’t a very balanced representation of my friendships and connections. Not only is Bagley absent, but so are most of my non-Christchurch friends. I’d love to set this to rights, so I may be hitting you up for a photo sometime soon. Don’t be shy!

She’d been reading my journal largely because I’m basically impossible to contact a lot of the time. Now that my mobile phone is broken, my communications shell has become almost impregnable. I’m going to have to re-think that. Maybe I’ll buy a new mobile sooner rather than later… oohh but then the question is.. which one?

I’m loving this journal. I’m liking the form it’s giving to my thoughts.. and even more I’m loving that some of you are responding to it. I’m also humbled by that. I often think with a touch of awe about the amazing people I know, who are disributed all over the planet, and for whom I have enormous affection. I feel really lucky to have these connections. My life is enriched so much because of you.

Are you brave enough to hazard a comment yet?

2 thoughts on “"You are Beautiful"

  1. bagley says:

    Well, I will comment! In regards to your email…I am TOTALLY ok with my ‘new’ name! I actually think I kinda suit it! Which is strange, as I never would have said that a few years ago!

    And I do love the fact that this journal entry featured me alot! Good ol’ Bagley! Just need to get some (plural being the key factor here) pics of me! Oh yeah, I do think that song is about me!!

    Love you long time! gb xo

  2. gazza says:

    Handsome chap though he is, bevan just isn’t the same. Thursdays just don’t seem quite right.

    And it’s not just your non-Christchurch friends that do not feature in your photo galleries!

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