Snow Fell

It snowed last night. I was taking photos the night before of the naked mountains thinking, “Not long now.” It’s a New Zealander’s habit, perogative, vice and preoccupation to talk about the weather. I’m impressed I’ve held out this long.
Between Cromwell and home this morning I picked up a very cold backpacker. It turned out he was a panelbeater from Belgium (How come everyone can speak near-fluent English and I only know how to ask the best way to get to the Railway Station in German?). Bring that on. I gave him advice on the thermal qualities of wool and then we spent the rest of the trip talking about cars, not just my own…
I’m now one week through my holiday. I’ve attended to a lot of my personal business and I can feel the school work looming on the horizon. There’s this big pile of books in my entranceway and an even larger one in the office at school. There are all my good intentions to match. There is the brand new fibre-tipped pen. There is the new wireless network in our household. There is cold weather. The scene is set: I think I’ll go to town for a coffee and think about it all again tomorrow.
What are you doing right now?

3 thoughts on “Snow Fell

  1. deanboy says:

    Snow! Ack! It’s almost May! what the heck is going on there? LOL
    Who could conceive of such a notion when it’s like this ….Vancouver Cam

  2. Christopher Waugh says:

    The cars in that photo are going the wrong way!

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