And now the new.


What is my new life like? Perhaps I can show it. Through clippings of my day to day activites.. and of course, through the photos in my galleries.

I wake up every day to another inevitably clear and crystalline alpine morning. I have my 4 weetbix while listening to National Radio (Nicola Wright has THE sexiest voice). I wander to school, it’s a 5 minute walk to my classroom which sits in the sun with a view of the mountains. I teach classes of students who are good fun to be with. I teach English, Economics and Drama. I smile and laugh a lot of the time at school. Except on my grumpy days.. and then I’ve got Bagley, my mate, to tell me to start smiling. And to feed me chocolate.

Before I know it, the bell has gone signalling the end of the school day. Some days I wander home and look at the clock and it says “3:30pm” and I think I must be dreaming. I have no second job to go to. I just have hours and hours of time to do wiith what I wish.

Sometimes I go for a run, or a coffee in one of the local cafes and I watch the travellers go by. Gena and I sometimes steal over to Queenstown to teach an rpm class on the sly at the Queenstown gym.

People come to visit.

In the weekends I might go for a big walk or run. I did the Queenstown Half Marathon the other weekend. I walk/ran the Routeburn track the other weekend with Tim and a colleague from school and a friend of her’s. It was absolutely breathtaking. The weather was perfect, and we made it to the end before dark! There are photos of that on other people’s cameras, so I’ll get some and stick them in the galleries too.

School’s putting me through the course so I can get my HT driver’s license with a P endorsement so I can drive 55 people in a bus..

I’ve even walked the catwalk in the Wanaka Wearable Creations – in nothing but gold bodypaint and a small wallpaper skirt. This town is a pretty vibrant place!

Sometimes I just walk by the side of the lake with my iPod and laugh with love at it all…

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